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The Czeka Lowa are crocodiles native to the dark swamps, they can produce gills that allow them to alternate between marine and terrestrial animals, their jaw is reinforced with a material similar to glass so their bite is lethal and can even break metal.


The Kono Kade is a breed of dog native to Rock Dessert, they have a gray coat with brown spots, their main ability is the smell and go unnoticed in their habitat, they usually go in groups led by an Alpha.


Moledublams are small marine crustaceans that live in the rivers and coral beaches of Oasis City, they are characterized mainly by their cone-shaped shell with spikes which is made of a very special material used to refine certain materials.


Namirs are small Free Ocean fish that are able to change color to blend into the environment and hide from predators, they go in several groups and usually feed on the remains of algae.


The Rolfeinz are crabs native to Free Ocean, their large claw is able to break rocks and coral reefs to feed on debris, besides being a great weapon against predators.


The Rozawa Burza is a canine breed originating from Sun Meadow, usually the color of their fur are cheerful and flashy colors, their main ability is to feel a strong connection with their masters or the alpha of their group, being very loyal and committed to the survival of their companions.


The Zerwony Kang are a race of Snakes native to the desert wastelands of Rock Dessert, they have dull brown colors which allows them to blend into their natural environment, they have infrared vision that allows them to locate prey easily, they are nocturnal and hunt their prey while they sleep, their fangs have a powerful venom that can kill their victim in minutes or seconds depending on their size.


The Wyslan Piecla are scavenger birds belonging to Rock Dessert, they have black feathers, their head is covered by an outer shell resembling a skull and their claws are capable of tearing even the bones, they are known as the birds of death, because if you are stalked even one of these you can consider yourself a dead man.


Warlocks are sharks originating from Free Ocean, they are blind so they are guided by sea waves, they are usually quite aggressive and are considered the alpha predators of the sea only surpassed by the Razz Jaw.



Burdipons are small animals that live on the border of the kingdom of Zhera with the kingdom of Huterak, they are small balls of hair that live under the burrs or in small holes in the ground, they are able to emanate a small electrical energy that they use to defend themselves, they feed on soil minerals and some plants.