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The Bones Street is a criminal group from Lost City, it is mainly composed of people from the poor streets of that city who have nothing to lose, they are identified by the dull blue and black colors, their clothes usually consist of black jackets and vests.
Their logo is a skull with 2 crossed bones symbolizing death, because this group is willing to give their lives to achieve their goals, they specialize in robberies and kidnappings, due to the high crime rate of Lost City they moved to Netmut Village where they maintain a constant fight with Demons of Earth.


The Demons of Earth are a criminal group from Netmut Village, was created from the remnants of Kyrrel’s mercenary team after the great rebellion of the town, their characteristic colors are red, orange and black, their clothes are usually vests or leather jackets of red color, as well as scarves, hats or caps of the same color.
They have a demon as a logo as a symbol that the earth is the true hell and as such there are no rules that matter, they are mainly engaged in extortion and drug smuggling, they own 40% of the territory of Netmut Village.


Drasly Studios is a film company created by the director and actress Drasly Griffith, this company specializes in the production of images, videos and porn movies of different genres, it has different establishments in the different cities of the land of Holland, it is a worldwide recognized brand and one of the most famous in the market, besides being one of the main benefactors of the Pro-Superior Group.


Genka Corp is a science and research company created in Lost City, the company is in charge of the main research and experiments in the city, which includes biology, genetics, physics, biochemistry, and Xaiongia, is one of the leading research companies in the world, ranking second, the company is funded mainly thanks to Sigma Enterprise, but also has agreements with different organizations and companies.


The Urban Gorillas are a criminal group from Lost City, founded by Gomerido D’Argenio, the team’s main colors are orange and brown, their clothes are composed of sleeveless shirts, jeans and green bandanas.
Their logo is composed of a Savage Jungle Gorilla, it is a symbol of strength, their leader Don Gomerino killed one of his kind with just a knife, proving that one man can do incredible feats, their main business is drugs and extortion.


The Hell Snakes are one of the most mysterious gangs of Lost City, created by the great Superior Salazar Snake, this gang is dedicated to the murders of various dangerous criminals in the city, in addition to secret deals with companies, the number of members is unknown, as well as the place where their main base is.
Its logo is that of a snake that represents change and renewal, a sign of how to improve to create a change.



The Purple Zharks are the largest criminal gang in Lost City, that is why it is divided into 4 divisions, the North being the main and the largest, the West and East which are of relative size, and the South being the smallest, this criminal group is dedicated to almost all known criminal acts, prostitution, arms trafficking, drug sales, robberies, illegal gambling and extortion.
Their logo is a Warlock Shark, as well as these animals the Zharks are the leading gang of Lost City.



The Killers 13 is a criminal group from the slums of Lost City, it was founded by Taylor Cross, the main colors of the group are purple and magenta, their clothes mainly consist of elegant party suits.
Their logo is a skull with party glasses, it represents their main business which is murder and prostitution.



Dreams Entertainment is a robotics and entertainment company founded in the 60s by entrepreneur Samuel Kim, the company is the leader in the creation of artificial intelligences and robots dedicated to entertainment, in the 90s Nicolas Gallagher became the owner of the company when he created the artificial intelligence Vita DX, increasing the company’s profits by millions of dollars.


The S2 police department is a group of investigators and officers who are in charge of the search and capture of the most dangerous killers in the city, led by officer Sherwood whose most famous case has been that of the masked man.



The Dunabhy kingdom is located in the tundra of Uttar Madu, here inhabit the Dunabhy, cold-blooded beings, are characterized by their coldness and tenacity, can withstand low temperatures, in addition to possessing a tail and claws, the kingdom consists of several small villages, which surround the main town where the queen’s castle is located, in the Dunabhy only women exist, the architecture of the town is composed of perpetual ice structures capable of resisting blizzards, the main work of the people is hunting, fishing, and mining.


The Huterak kingdom is located in the forest of Assam Desh, here inhabit the Huterak beings, humanoid people who are characterized by their bravery and honor, the kingdom has different villages of various sizes scattered throughout the forest, its main village is where the castle of the supreme sorcerer is located, the architecture of the Huterak is based on a combination of stones with magical technology, the main work of the Huterak is exploration, research, livestock, agriculture and textiles.


The Razhafy Kingdom is located in the taiga of Mizo Namar, here inhabit the Razhafy, nocturnal beings that are characterized mainly by their ferocity and little empathy, they do not have a kingdom, because they live as nomads in their territory, the razhafy are mainly nocturnal beings, they have night vision, in addition to having an echo location that helps in the hunt, they are mainly dedicated to hunting, but also make deals with other people to get rid of animals or people who cause problems.


The Sumai kingdom is located on the beaches of Mahara-Samu, here inhabit the Sumai, half terrestrial and half aquatic beings, which are characterized by their speed and boldness, their kingdom is scattered by the oceans of eastern yudan Limei, but have a main village hidden deep in the ocean, the architecture of the Sumai is based on houses made of coral and plants, their main work is fishing and mining of aquatic objects.


The Turek kingdom is located in the mountains of Karnata Desu, here inhabit the turek, fierce beings with horns and claws, are characterized by their great strength and endurance, the turek kingdom is hidden in a large labyrinth of mines, so they have great security, but also with a dark and gloomy environment that minimizes their vision, in the Turek are all men, the architecture of this town is characterized by being made of stone, carved by hand by the inhabitants of the kingdom, they are mainly engaged in the mining of valuable gems that are then sold to other peoples.


The kingdom of Zhera is located in the fields of Simkim Yar, here inhabit the Zhera, a race that is characterized by its cunning and intelligence, can also withstand high temperatures, the kingdom consists of a huge village in which all its inhabitants live, the architecture of the people is based on huge metal structures and a great management of mechanisms and magical technology to create machines and transport, the main work of the Zhera is mining, blacksmithing, hunting, and the creation of armor and weapons.