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Mayi energy is the vital energy that everyone possesses, from a small insect to even the titanic beasts of Yudan Limei.
Mayi energy is capable of being manipulated and empowered, which is how the wizards of the Yudan world use the power of their internal Mayi energy to create techniques of immeasurable strength.
The Mayi in its purest state is an energy that can be easily modified, giving it different properties such as the ability to become solid, liquid or gaseous, become elements, heal, or even destroy.


Astral weapons are weapons that wizards can create in combat, using a large amount of Mayi energy they can create solid energy to create different weapons, such as spears, swords, chains, hammers, etc, these weapons are very resistant and can be repaired with Mayi energy.


Dagger of Light is a technique created by the first master sorcerer of the Huterak, passed from generation to generation is a high-level technique where you concentrate a large amount of magic to release it in the form of a light knife that cuts everything in its path.


Death Solu is a dark technique that requires excessive use of Mayi energy, when using this technique the user invokes bursts of energy that destroy everything in its path, if the affected is a living being will be disintegrated slowly and painfully, plus the user will absorb his soul.


Energy Blast is a technique created by the Zhera, is characterized by concentrating a large amount of magic in a sphere that can be thrown at high speed, on impact explode doing great destructive damage.


Perpetual Ice is a very common technique among the Dunabhy, it is characterized by converting magic into ice, thus freezing the enemies, a more advanced use of this technique allows to create objects or even ice structures that are very resistant.


Prison Stone is an ancient technique rarely used, it is characterized by enclosing a person, animal or creature in a stone pillar, however to capture it the user must be equally or more powerful, also must feed the stone prison with magic every so often so that it does not break.


Sacred Shield is a very common technique in the inhabitants of Yudan Limei, is a basic spell very easy to use, is to use magic to create a shield of energy to defend you from everything, but the more powerful the attack, the more magic should be used in the shield for your defense resist.


Shadow Grip is a dark technique that was created by the Razhafy, it consists of transforming magic into dark energy which can be manipulated as another extremity of the body, the more this darkness is extended the more magic must be used.


Terrestrial crushing is a technique created by the Turek, it consists of giving a strong blow full of magic in the earth, the magic will move through the earth destroying everything in its path and when it meets the target it will explode.


Wraith of Haven is a technique created by the Sumai, it consists of generating a powerful lightning which will fall on the target marked by the user, this is a very destructive technique, but it also requires a great amount of magic.