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Colossal Mountains is a biome that is full of large mountains miles high, some are able to reach the clouds, this terrain is full of caves and cliffs, is a hostile terrain inhabited by very aggressive creatures and scavengers, but it is also a good place for mining minerals such as Geo Obsidian, Neo Ambar and G-Cuarz.


Deep Forest is an extensive and lush forest that contains the largest amount of different woods, the plants that grow here reach incredible heights, besides generating fruits and some very special and rare mushrooms, it is a very hostile biome because you can find very territorial animals and insects with dangerous poison.


Golden Desert is a large expanse covered with golden colored sand, it is an extremely hostile and dangerous terrain, in the daytime it reaches deadly temperatures for humans and animals, besides having several thunderstorms and sand storms.


Free Ocean is a large expanse of water, it is the largest ocean in the land of Holland, in it you can find the largest aquatic beasts in the world, it is also a great source of resources such as minerals, pearls and aquatic rocks.


Rock Desert is a barren and inhospitable territory consisting mainly of a large expanse of land, sand, rocks and small mountains, you can also find some sections with grass and trees but they are not very frequent, it is a hostile terrain full of poisonous animals and scavengers, although it is also a great place for mining because you can find useful elements such as Geo Obsidian or Neo Amber.


White Beach is a large expanse of beach in the vicinity of the Golden Desert, is composed mainly of very soft white sand, unlike the desert temperature remains in a reasonable state thanks to the characteristics of white sand.


Winter Tundra is an extensive and flat territory consisting mainly of large amounts of snow, ice and crystals, large crystalline forms can be found along these frozen patches, it is a hostile terrain due to its low temperatures, it has very little fauna and vegetation, but it has large precious minerals that can be used in jewelry.