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NAME: INSANITY   DURATION:  12 Episodes  GENRE: Drama, Suspense, Mystery, cryme, Drama.

SYNOPSIS: Netmut Village is a small town on the outskirts of Lost City, a place almost without law or justice, here criminals can give free rein to their terrible plans, robberies, extortion, prostitution, murders, are some of the things with which the population of this small place has to deal with day after day.
Isabel Klein is a girl who is crossing the second year of high school, her dream is to be able to leave that horrible town where she lives and have a better life in Sky City, to achieve it she has to get the exclusive scholarship that her school offers, but, it will not be easy, because in her way not only the different criminal gangs that reside there stand in her way, but she will also have to deal with her family problems.
Without a mother and her beloved brother to guide her on the right path, Isabel will have to figure out how to achieve her goals while living with her terrible alcoholic father.