Lost City is a city located west of the land of Holland, has an approximate population of 8,500,000 inhabitants, is known as the city of crime due to its high crime rates, its main source of income comes from the technology industry, is the second largest city in the land of Holland.

Lost City was founded by S.G. Logix in the year 370 of the new era, in the year 368 there was a diplomatic conflict in Finland City, which caused that several groups with different ideologies were spread by the different territories, S.G.Logix who considered that the town should not be under surveillance 24/7 defected from Finland along with a group of people with the same ideologies.

Early Years
Thanks to the resources of Deep Forest the group commanded by Sigma began the construction of a small town called Lost City, at the same time other renegade groups began to build their own cities, the city over the years gained importance as a commercial port for other cities, in the year 420 was the number one leader in fishing and maritime export.

Technological Increase
Thanks to the treaties of S.G.Logix, Lost City formed alliances with other cities, its main ally was Necross City, from which it obtained valuable resources such as Neo Amber and Geo Obsidian, during the following years immigration was an important factor in Lost City, because more people from Finland City joined the cause, this increased the technological development of the city to have recognized scientists and engineers.

Laws and dreams
With the technological increase in boom, Lost City was recognized as the best city to start a business, because the laws were more flexible compared to Finland City, which guaranteed a better development and therefore generated more job opportunities, little by little Lost City was leaving its maritime beginnings to become one of the main generators of technology.

Worldwide Recognition
By the beginning of the new millennium Lost City was considered the second largest city in the world, only behind Finland City, becoming a superpower that would not go unnoticed by the other cities, Oasis City, Geo Beta, Sky City, and Divine Valley City joined the union treaties of S.G.Logix increasing to a more global communication and increasing the development of the city.

Earthquake of 1682
In 1682 there was a great Earthquake that shook the foundations of Lost City, originated by an undocumented phenomenon, the earthquake caused great damage to the electrical infrastructure of the city, causing blackouts, data deletion, and system failures, for years the cause of this anomaly was investigated, but the cause was never found.

Superior Phenomenon
By the year 1980 a new symptom was found that changed the world, Dr. Elaiza Shock called it Superior Symptom, which consisted of the Xaion raising the energy of the cells of the individual in a huge way, giving him random powers, for years a group of scientists searched for each of the characteristics of the Xaion to determine if it was considered a danger, or if it was part of human evolution.

The great change
Due to the Superior symptom the daily life of Lost City changed drastically in the following decades, new laws were created with respect to the superiors and the system of life was molded to the new standards, in the jobs people were allowed to use their powers, as well as in the public places, with the passage of the years the number of Superiors was increasing, and with it also the crime, because superiors began to use their powers to commit crimes.

Social Manifestations
Thanks to the increase of crime, the population of Lost City was divided into 2 sides, those who supported the superior group and those who were against them, a wave of racism against people with powers arose, and little by little the social stability was fragmented, for the year 1980, the balance is against the superiors, becoming social renegades and getting the mark of freaks by the inferiors.

Criminal decadence
In the early 2000s the crime rate reached levels never seen before thanks to the growth of criminal groups, to counteract this, the government of Lost City decided to create a new anti-crime group called the Knights of Sigma, people with exo-suits that would fight the superiors to diminish the strength of these groups.

Important Places

Valentine High School is one of Lost City’s three high schools, ranked third best high school in the city, and is known for winning many athletic awards, including swimming, basketball and soccer.