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The 180 viewer is a small lens that allows the user to have a 180 degree view allowing him to see everything behind his back, it requires previous training of visual coordination, besides that its continuous use can cause dizziness and nausea depending on the Visual resistance.


The cybernetic shield is a very powerful retractable energy shield, created from marine crystals the cybernetic shield is capable of resisting low and medium caliber weapons fire, the crystals create a magnetic network capable of holding the energy particles together to create a solid surface that protects the user.


Geo Obsidian is a very valuable and scarce mineral from the land of Holland, it is the hardest and most resistant mineral on the planet, it is regularly used in combination with metal to create an almost indestructible alloy, it is also light, making it the best choice when creating armor or armored vehicles.


The G-Quartz is a very valuable and scarce mineral from the land of Holland, this quartz has unique properties because it reacts to energetic stimuli, the G-Quartz is mostly used in medicine because its properties are able to increase the effects of the formulas, creating effective healing products.


The Neo Amber is a mineral from the land of Holland, this amber is able to radiate a large amount of electricity, so it is used as an energy source around the world, used in things as common as cars or electronic devices, as well as energy weapons.


The potentiators is a serum created by Elaiza Shock that serves to enhance the Xaion organ’s potentiator cells, when injected, depending on the dose, the user can raise his energy range allowing him to obtain powers like the superior ones.


The Research suit is an invention of Genka Corp, it consists of a collar that monitors the vital signs, blood levels and neural network of the person who uses it to detect any biological risk, the suit also has a toxin sensor and a tracker.


The White Ambar is the result of purifying the Neo Ambar, when purified the White Ambar can be used as energy in living organisms, as they no longer have harmful or toxic characteristics, however the amount of energy emitted is reduced by 70%.


The Zicoins are the official money of Holland Earth, there are bills of different amounts, 1, 10, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000, each one with a different code and coloration, all the cities of the world base their economy on the Zicoin.



The animadroids are Exo-Droids created by Dreams Entertaiment, they have the Vita DX A.I. created by Nicolas Gallagher, the animadroids are able to move and interact with people, have conversations and provide entertainment, they have a facial scanner and a strength equal to 10 people.


The Anima-Droids Forgotten are modified versions of the anima-droids created by Nicolas Gallagher, when they were stolen in 2002 by the masked assassin they were modified to turn them into relentless killing machines.


The dream scarer is an artifact designed by Dr. Malcom, the machine uses light and energy waves to induce a trance in the patient, it also has different sensors that show the mental state of the person.


The Droid model K is a variant of the Dreams Entertaiment’s Anima-Droids designed specifically for the use of the police department, these droids have a strength 2 times superior to the common droid, in addition to protective plates and electrochocks.


Rex is a small Anima-Droid created by Nicolas Fazbear for the maintenance of the Gallagher mansion, has an AI dedicated to household chores and fulfills all the orders of the Gallagher family.


The Artificial Intelligence Vita DX is an AI system created by Nicolas Gallagher in the 80’s, this AI is able to recognize and interpret human words allowing it to establish coherent conversations with people.



The light bomb is a flexible metal ball filled with light dust from the light crystals, if supplied with a little energy Mayi will create a reaction that will explode the sphere, thus causing a light that will blind enemies for a few seconds, the effect is especially damaging to the Turek and Razhafi.


The Mimic Crystal is a crystal that is able to remember and recreate the modifications of the Mayi energy, it is a very rare and scarce crystal, as it can only be found in the deepest caves of the Yudan world.


The Mayi trigger is a device capable of recreating the techniques of a wizard thanks to the Mimico crystal, it also has an integrated Versatile hook, thus providing great mobility to the user, however the structure of the trigger only allows the use of the hook or a technique, but not both at the same time.


The versatile hook is a flexible steel alloy, it is made of a special metal that is able to contract or expand, changing its size up to 10 times its density if it is provided with Mayi energy, the hook cable is very resistant and is able to withstand several kilos of weight.


Sacred talismans are mysterious objects that possess an unmatched energy, it is unknown who created them, but a sorcerer is able to use the power of these talismans to enhance their techniques and skills, but it must be done with great care because without proper training the talisman can destroy its wearer by excess energy.